Sunrise from San Pedro volcano
Sunrise from San Pedro volcano

84 000 years ago, lake Atitlán was formed by the eruption of a huge pocket of lava below the earth surface… The movements of tectonic plates formed then the scenery we can enjoy today: Volcanoes San Pedro, Atitlán & Tolimán.


San Pedro volcano hike is a intermediary trek, which can be done in one day (3 hours hike up, 2 hours hike down). You can also choose to camp at the top in a little cabaña, enjoy a bone fire at night and the sunrise in the morning.  San Pedro Volcano is a park managed by the municipality & has a great interpretation center at the entrance of the park, giving you info about fauna, flora & geology.

Atitlán & Tolimán are both day & a half trip including camping at the top 🙂 Quiet, wild, scenic, those 2 volcanoes are a good choice for the adventurers who are looking for treks off the beaten path as they are less frequented by tourists.

Check out this video of the sunrise from San Pedro volcano:


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